Molly Mason Sculptor

Terra Lumen

Terra Lumen 

Ogden-Weber Applied Technical College  Ogden, Utah.
Collage by Maya Mason

Molly Mason, who has created site specific works in architectural and natural settings for over 25 years, strives to integrate the particular public’s values and needs with the environment. Projects utilize media such as cast concrete/ceramic tile structures with seating, water features; stainless steel, aluminum and bronze sculptural elements, kiln formed glass elements, walkways and landscaping. She achieves a sense of a “private,” intimate space within the larger natural world or “public” environment. Among over 45 awards, a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship to Japan enabled her to study form, space and iconic relationships in Japanese gardens.

Mason has had 20 solo exhibits, has appeared in over 150 curated group shows, and has sculptures in over 100 public, corporate, and private collections in the U.S. and abroad. Mason has recently completed a highly competitive public sculpture project for the state of Utah for a LEED-certified building, the Barker Family Health Technology Building at Ogden Weber Applied Technical College in Ogden. She created one major interior work for a 35’ H x 100’ L x 40’ W building and a corresponding exterior work as well, in stainless steel/forged bronze/kiln-formed glass, and major elements of local Utah stone. She also recently created “Before the Sun Speaks,” a commission for 2 major sculptural works/water feature for Kirkwood College Conference Center, also a LEED-certified building, Cedar Rapids, IA. Each work is in stainless steel and kiln-formed glass. (One work is 15’ H x 7’ across x 6’ deep and weighs 2000 pounds; the other is 15’ H x 4’ x 4’ and weighs 1500 pounds.) One of the sculptures is plumbed for water, and the works are situated in a 17’ x 11’ oval pool in the stunning, glass-walled 25’ H x 150’ L x 45’ W lobby for the Conference Center. Other nationally awarded, public projects include “Waiting for the Ocean” (Univ. of Central Florida; 12’ x 24’ x 32’) which features a polychromed, curved stainless “wall” form with richly designed negative cut-outs and a stainless steel fountain in an oval pool, seating and walkways; “Rainwall,” 8’ x 14’ x 14’ stainless steel curved water wall in a concrete/tile pool with water flowing down the sculpture’s surfaces continuously, in Univ. of Northern Iowa’s stunning Redeker Dining Palazzo; “Albuquerque Walls,” 8 ½ ‘ x 60’ x 8 ½ ‘ a Percent for Art Public Transit project including 5 curved, cast concrete “walls” with seating areas and covered with 8 colors of blue ceramic tile, reflecting the blue southwestern sky, in a park between Albuquerque’s historical Old Town and modern downtown. “Woven Dreams” (River Oaks Cultural Center, Alexandria, LA), “Aurora I and II (Northwest Medical Center, Tucson, AZ), in which forged bronze surfaces interplay dynamically with kiln-formed glass elements’ rich colors, and “Eclipse” (Meyer Amphitheatre, W. Palm Beach) are works of rich contrasting metals and colors.

Additional examples of Ms. Mason’s public works include sculptures for Galerie Modern, Vienna, VA; the President’s Suite, State Street Bank, Boston; Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans; Port Jefferson School District; Liberty Property Trust, Greenville, SC; Nano Systems, Philadelphia; Meyer Ampitheatre, City of West Palm Beach, Florida (national competition); Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Collegeville, PA; James Michener Museum, Doylestown, PA; City of Brisbane, Australia; Long Island Cultural Center, NY; National Sculpture Parks of Hungary and Slovenia; 5 large works each for a New Orleans botanical garden and the Spelce Collection, Austin, TX; works for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ “Splendor of the Seas,” Norway; Central Louisiana Light and Power Co.; Texaco, Inc.; Warwick Hotel, Houston; Historic Constructions, New Orleans; Elena Corporation, New York City; Acadiana Bank, Baton Rouge; and Tower & Perrin Corporation, Stamford, CT and NYC, and several Japanese and Dutch collections.

In creating site-specific sculptures, Ms. Mason has always worked creatively and productively with commissioning groups, architects, designers, and local stakeholders. Her commissions have been received with great enthusiasm by the public for which they were created, due to her ability to integrate the sculpture with the client’s needs and specific environment.

Aside from the Fulbright, Mason has won membership in the Sculptors Guild, NY (founded in 1932); New York Foundation for the Arts Special Opportunity Stipend; Visiting Artist Grant for Vermont Studio Center and Women’s Studio Workshop; Millay Colony for the Arts, NY; Soros Foundation Fellowship; Villany and Forma International Sculpture Symposia (Hungary and Yugoslavia); American Association of University Women Research Grant; Louisiana and Minnesota Artist Fellowships; Lilly Teaching Fellowship, and many university research fellowships.

Mason’s sculptures are meticulously created of the highest quality materials and techniques, so vital to sculpture’s long-term quality for outdoor/indoor placements. A certified welder for over three decades, she is expert in utilizing a wide variety of sculptural materials and processes.

Photo by Maya Mason
M.F.A. , M.A., University of Iowa School of Art and Art History. B.F.A., Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, University of Iowa School of Art, Iowa City.

     A full-time sculptor, for 16 years Molly Mason has been a professor of art at several major universities, inc. SUNY-Stony Brook, Tulane, the Univ. of New Mexico, and Southern Illinois Univ. at Edwardsville. She has been a visiting artist at Kyoto Univ. of the Arts and Osaka Art Univ. in Japan; Univ. of California, Davis; Syracuse Univ., University of Wisconsin, Madison; Montclair State College, NJ; Univ. of California, Chico; Oakland College, CA; Ohio State Univ., and Visiting Artist at Univ. of Iowa School of Art & the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Ceramics Center. She has been professionally certified as a welder for over 25 years.

     Ms. Mason has been awarded over 45 fellowships, grants, and awards for her work, including a Fulbright Senior Research Professor to study form and space in the “transformed” nature of Japanese gardens; a Soros Foundation Fellowship for public sculptures in Hungary; a Millay Colony for the Arts Fellowship; an AAUW Association for University Women; and 2 Ford Foundation Fellowships.

Ogden Weber Applied Technology College, Barker Family Health Technology Building, Ogden, Utah, % for Art Public Art Project, for 2 major interior/exterior sculptures: “Terra Lumen” and “Soin Infini.”

Kirkwood College Education Conference Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, % for Art Public Art Project, 2 major public sculptures and water feature/pool: “Before the Sun Speaks.”

State St. Bank, Boston, Commission for President’s Floor: “Ariadne’s Wish.“

City of Tucson, Arizona, Northwest Oro Valley Medical Center % for Art Public Project, 2 major sculptures for new Medical Center: “Aurora I and II.”

University of Central Florida, Orlando, State of Florida % for Art Public Project , 2 major sculptures & water feature/pool: “Waiting for the Ocean.”

University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, State of Iowa % for Art Public Project, sculpture/water feature, Redeker Dining Palazzo: “Rainwall.”

City of Alexandria, LA, River Oaks Arts Center, % for Art Public Sculpture, gateway work for new cultural district: “Woven Dreams.“

Wyeth Laboratories, Collegeville, PA, Sculpture for new corporate center: “Moon Weir.”

Odgen Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans, LA. Sculpture: “Shield V.”

Gallerie Moderne, Vienna, VA., Sculpture: “Moon Windows III.”

Port Jefferson, NY, Public Sculpture for School District, Wall Relief, sculpture for entrance to new building: “The Wanderer.”

Nano Systems, Inc., Philadelphia, PA. Sculpture: “Spirit II.”

Liberty Property Trust, Greenville, SC. Sculpture: “Red Stele.”

Hill, Wallack, Attorneys, Princeton, NJ, Sculpture: “Blue Leap.”

Tower, Perrin Corporation, New York City & Stamford, CT. 2 Sculptures: “Young Trope 7 & 8 .”

Michener Art Museum, Doylestown, PA. Sculpture: “Flirt II.”

City of West Palm Beach, % for Art Program, Public Sculpture, Florida, Meyer Amphitheater; major sculpture for city park: “Eclipse.”

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norway. "Splendor of the Seas" ship; 2 commisioned sculptures: “Sun Wands” and “Summer Moon.”

City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Sculpture for public park: "Ikebana VI."

Elena Corporation, S. Nyack,NY, Sculpture commission for outdoor location: “Elena.”

Long Island Cultural Center, Bald Hill, Suffolk County, NY, Sculpture for placement in fountain, public amphitheater: "Plexus."

Historic Constructions, New Orleans, Sculpture commission for repurposed historic building: "Moon Lair."

National Sculpture Park of Hungary, Villany, Hungary, created at Villany International Sculpture Symposium: sculpture for permanent placement: “Caverne Coeur."

Texaco Corporation, New Orleans, LA. wall sculpture commission: "Woven Garden II."

Bright Collection, New Orleans, LA, 5 works for large outdoor site: "Five Sculptures for a Botanical Garden,"

Central Louisiana Light and Power Company, Alexandria, LA. Sculpture: "Shield III."

Forma Viva International Sculpture Park, Kostanjevica, Slovenia, created 2 sculptures for permanent placement at Park entryway: "Karyatids I and II,"

Warwick Hotel, Houston, Texas, sculpture created for hotel entry/lobby area: "Madwoman's Garden."

Acadiana Bank Headquarters, Baton Rouge, Sculpture commission: “Summer Night.”

City of Albuquerque, NM, 1% for Art Public Sculpture, major 5-sectioned sculpture for park between Old Town and Modern Downtown: “Albuquerque Walls.”

Spelce Collection, Austin, TX, 5 sculptures for outdoor sculpture garden: “Spirit and the Seasons I – V.”

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS(Several collections contain up to 6 of my sculptures.):

Joyce Errichettim, Middlebury, CT; Leticia Chambers, Santa Fe, NM; Brazier Fine Art, Richmond, VA; Dr. Stuart Soffer, Menlo Park, CA; Russell and Leslye Freedman, Topanga Canyon, CA; Mr. Thomas Klein, Massachusetts; Mr. Stephane Rousset, Vaud, Switzerland; Ms. Alessandra Re, Corona del Mar, CA; David & Eileen Klein, Short Hills, NJ; Ms. Grace Schwalkwyk, Water Mill, NY; Ms. Jane Swann, Deale, MD; Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ford, NJ; Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Curtis, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Oring, Port Washington, NY; Mr. & Mrs.Theodorus Zuurman, the Netherlands; Mr. & Mrs. Elias Buchwald, New York City; Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Goldsmith, NYC; Mr. & Mrs. S. Bilsky, NYC; Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Scheringen, NYC; Mr. Walter Walters, NY; Mr. Edward Blake, NJ; Mr. George Huwell, NY; Dr. Gary Snyder, Jacksonville, FL; Dr. & Mrs. Michael Carey, New Orleans; Mr. Lefferts Mabie, Jacksonville, FL; Dr. Dennis Smith, Jacksonville, FL; Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Slater, New Orleans; Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wozencraft, Houston, TX; Dr. Lewis Obi, Jacksonville, FL; Mr. & Mrs. David Kaye, Washington’s Crossing, NJ; Dr. & Mrs. Oestricher, New Orleans; Mr. Bennett Spelce & Dr. Evelyn Hammond, Austin, TX; Mr. Michael Cumberland, New Orleans; Dr. & Mrs. Alan Parelman, Kansas City, MO; Mrs. Sunny Norman, New Orleans; Mrs. Merle Aronson, New Orleans & VT; Mr. Huntley Fairchild, Baton Rouge, La.; Dr. Marshall Gottsegen, New Orleans; Mr. Peter Johnson, VA; Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lemann, New Orleans; Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brown, New Orleans; Mr. & Mrs. Phelan Bright, New Orleans/Hammond, LA; Ms. Gay Miles, New Orleans & Atlanta, GA; Mr. Frank Freidler, New Orleans; Mrs. Willa Slater, New Orleans; Dr. Beth Willinger, New Orleans


Grounds for Sculpture, Johnson Atelier’s Sculpture Museum, NJ: Sculptor’s Guild, NY.

Governor’s Island Invitational Sculpture Exhibition, Governor’s Island, NY: Sculptor’s Guild, NY.

James A. Michener Museum of Art, Doylestown, PA. (Solo)

Chesterwood Museum, Stockbridge, MA: “Millenium Sculpture Exhibit” & “Invitational Sculpture Exhibit” (2 exhibits).

New Orleans Museum of Art: 2 group exhibits.

Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Minneapolis. (Solo)

SUNY- Stony Brook Univ. Art Gallery: 3 group exhibits.

Australian World Exposition, Brisbane, AU: World’s Fair, international sculpture exhibit.

Louisiana World's Fair, New Orleans: Louisiana Major Works Exhibit.

World’s Fair Exhibition, Knoxville, TN, Sculpture Exhibit.

Tulane Univ. Newcomb Gallery of Art: 3 group exhibits.

Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, 3 group exhibits.

Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama: Birmingham Biennial.

Louisiana Artist Fellowship Award Winners Exhibit: Traveled to 4 museums/galleries in Louisiana.

"Here and Now: 35 Artists in New Mexico," Albuquerque Museum of Art. N.M.

Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA. (Solo)

University of New Mexico Museum of Art, 3 group exhibits.

Univ. of Hawaii, Hilo: National Invitational Works on Paper Exhibition.

University of Minnesota Museum of Art, Morris. (Solo)

University of Minnesota, Morris Art Museum: “Past and Present: 30 years of Studio Art Faculty.”

Rockland Center for the Arts, W. Nyack, NY: “Sculpture Takes Over 2 & 3.”

Arts Center of the Capital Region, Troy, NY: Sculptor’s Guild, NY.

Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola, FL.


Tadu Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM. (Solo)

Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY. (Numerous Solo and Group Exhibitions)

Soho 20 Gallery, New York City. (Numerous Solo and Group Exhibitions)

Quietude Garden Sculpture Gallery, East Brunswick, NJ.

Gallery C.O.M., Tachikichi Co., Kyoto, Japan. (Solo)

Art Space Niji, Kyoto, Japan. (Solo)

Tilden-Foley Gallery, New Orleans, LA, (Numerous Solo and Group Exhibitions)

Genest Gallery, Lambertville, New Jersey. (Solo)

Obi Arts, Jacksonville, FL. (Solo)

Taylor Gallery, Taos, NM. (Solo)

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS (Of over 150 curated exhibits):

Adelphi Univ. Sculpture Biennial, Garden City, NY. (3 exhibits) (Color catalogues)

New York Art Expo, New York, NY, Javits Center. (Catalogue)

Sculptors Guild of New York City. (Numerous) (Catalogues)

Invitational Sculpture Garden Exhibition, Greenport, NY, Brecknock Hall. (Color catalogue)

Sculpture & Painting of Today: East Coast Artists, Jersey City, NJ. (Color catalogue)

Convergence XII International Arts Festival, Providence, RI.

Sculpture Showcase Gallery, New Hope, PA. (Numerous)

Sculpture on the Grounds, City of Rockville, MD, 2 invitational exhibits. (Catalogue)

Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY. (yearly for 17 years)

Soho 20 Gallery, New York, NY. (Numerous)

University of Connecticut Invitational Sculpture Exhibits, Farmington, CT. (2) (Catalogues)

Quietude Garden Outdoor Sculpture Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ. (Numerous)

Invitational Exhibit: Five Artists, Nassau Comm. College, Garden City, NY. (Catalogue)

"Nothing But Steel," Cold Spring Harbor Research Laboratory, NY, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. (Catalogue)

ARC Gallery, Chicago. (Catalogue)

“Sculpture Takes Over,” Two & Three, Rockland Center for the Arts, W. Nyack, NY. (2 exhibits; catalogues)

“Artists who Teach,” Invitational Exhibit, National Association of State Universities, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC. (Catalogue)

Univ. Gallery, Univ. of New Orleans, Louisiana. Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

Univ. Gallery, Univ. of New Orleans, Louisiana. Monoprint Exhibition

Tilden-Foley Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana. (Numerous)

Sculpture at the Boathouse, Central Park, New York City, in collaboration with the Sculpture Showcase Gallery.

Hansen-Fuller Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Matrix Gallery, Austin, TX.

Davenport Art Museum, Davenport, IA. “Mid-Mississippi Annuals”

Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA. “Des Moines Annual” (Catalogue)

FELLOWSHIPS, GRANTS, AWARDS (Examples: Ms. Mason has received over 45 such awards.):

Fulbright Senior Research Professorship to Japan. To study form and space in the “transformed” nature of Japanese gardens.

Soros Foundation Fellowship, New York, NY. To create public sculpture for the Villany International Sculpture Symposium and Sculpture Park, Hungary.

Millay Colony for the Arts Fellowship, Austerlitz, NY.

AAUW (American Association of University Women) Research Grant, Washington D.C. Research grant for creative work.

Individual Artist Fellowship, Louisiana Division of the Arts. (1 of 3) for creative work in sculpture.

Artist in Residence, Louisiana World Exposition, New Orleans.

Lily Foundation Teaching Fellowship, SUNY- Stony Brook, NY. 1 of 6 competitively awarded teaching fellowships selected.

New York Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY, Special Opportunity Stipend. (2)

Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, VT. Funded residency to create monoprints.

Women's Studio Workshop, Artist's Fellowship, Rosendale, N.Y. Funded residency to create monoprints.

Ford Foundation Fellowships. (2)

Minnesota State Arts Board Individual Artist Fellowship.

Grahame Memorial Fellowships, University of Iowa School of Art and Art History, Iowa City (2 fellowships awarded by the faculty to the outstanding graduate student in Studio Art—out of approximately 130 grad students)

Research Fellowships: over 18 competitive University faculty research fellowships.


International Sculpture Center, Hamilton, NJ. (Since 1986.)

Sculptors Guild, New York, NY, elected to membership in this organization of well-known sculptors. (Founded in 1932.) (Ms. Mason a member since 1995.)

Washington Sculptors Group, Washington, D.C.

Fulbright Fellowship Alumni Group, Washington, D.C.

SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY (Articles/Book Inclusions on Ms. Mason’s work)

Wave/Sheer, book featuring 22 color photographs of Ms. Mason's sculptures and 22 poems by Thomas Fink. Long Island City, NY: You Press, 2013.

SOHO20 Gallery 1973-2013: Celebrating 40 Years of Supporting Women in the Arts; Book including 3 color reproductions of Ms. Mason’s work; Edited by Jenn Dierdorf, Director, SOHO20 Gallery.

Catalogue, “First Annual East End Arts Council Juried Outdoor Sculpture Garden Exhibition," at Brecknock Hall, Greenport, NY, 2010-11.”

"New York Artist Returns to Her Iowa Roots," re: Kirkwood College Sculptures/Reception, Cedar Rapids Gazette, 11/2/2009, by Dave Rasdal.

"Heavy Mettle," "Bring Molly Back," and Video, all re: Kirkwood College Sculpture, Cedar Rapids Gazette, 3/13/2009, by D. Rasdal.

Adelphi Univ. Invitational Sculpture Biennial, 2004, 2006, 2008 & reviews each year in New York Times. Full color catalogues for each exhibition.

Excellence by Design: Public Art in Oro Valley, Arizona, book (Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance, 2009) featuring “Auroras I and II.” Full color book.

Invitational Exhibits, Rockland Center for the Arts, NY; Sculpture Takes Over 1 and Sculpture Takes Over 3, 2003 and 2004. Color Catalogues.

Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood, Stockbridge, MA. (Chesterwood is the studio and estate of Daniel Chester French.) Sculptors Guild, New York City, curated exhibit 2001. Essays by curators Linda Shearer, Director, Williams College Museum of Art; Janice Dorgen, Director, Rice Gallery, Albany Institute of Art; and Joe Thompson, MASS MOCA.

Catalogue, Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood, Stockbridge, MA. Sculptor’s Guild, New York City, exhibit, 2000. Curator, Donald Kuspit.

“Public Art: River Oaks Arts Center” & “A Sculpture Forms in Metal: Woven Dreams.” On my Alexandria, Louisiana Arts Center sculpture, Town Talk Newspaper, 7 color photos, 5/25/2000.

Catalogue, Grounds for Sculpture: Sculptor’s Guild Exhibit, Johnson Atelier, NJ. Pub. 7/1999, essay: curator Grounds for Sculpture Director Brook Barrie.

Molly Mason: "Sun and Shadow". Color Publication, Michener Museum Solo Exhibit, 1998-9, intro., Curator Brian Peterson, Essay by Dr. Stephen Paul Miller.

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"Sculpture by Molly Mason," Kyoto Shimbun newspaper, Japan; “2 Solo Exhibits by American Sculptor," in Yomiuri Shimbun, Illustrated. These are the 2 major newspapers in Japan.

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"Molly Mason," Cover Arts New York Magazine, Review, Soho 20 solo exhibit by Stephen Paul Miller.

"Molly Mason," Art Papers, Journal of Art in the Southeastern United States, by Eric Bookhardt.

Villany International Sculpture Symposium Catalogue, Villany, Hungary. Featuring my commissioned stone sculpture for the Symposium/Sculpture Park of Hungary.

Forma Viva, Catalogue, International Sculpture Symposium, Slovenia. Featuring my two major commissioned sculptures for this Symposium and National Sculpture Park.

The World’s Fair International Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit, book. World's Fair, Brisbane, Australia. Full color catalogue.

Artists Who Teach, Catalogue, exhibit of National Assoc. of State Universities, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.

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"Art Exhibit that Fills A Mansion," Philadelphia Inquirer, by Virginia Donohoe.

Sculpture Magazine, "Scale, Spirit and Energy," on Forma Viva Symposium, Slovenia. The article focuses on my 2 commissioned sculptures for the Forma Viva Symposium, Slovenia.

Contemporary American Women Sculptors: An Illustrated Bio-Bibliographical Directory, by Virginia Watson-Jones (700 hundred page book published by Oryx Press).


"Only in Ogden"

"Molly Mason Sculptures"

"New Sculptures at Kirkwood College"


In addition to her work as a sculptor, Molly Mason is a printmaker specializing in monotypes. Monotypes, often called monoprints, are one-of-a-kind, original prints; there are no multiples. Each work, therefore, is similar to a painting in its uniqueness. As a Fulbright Research Professor, Mason studied the celebrated gardens of Kyoto, Japan. She often incorporates long-studied architectural and landscape imagery from many cultures into the monotypes. In the words of critic Stephen Paul Miller, Cover Arts New York,

These works—with vibrant colors and quasi-pointillist brushwork—evoke the stately architecture of temple gardens imaginatively reconfigured and cohesively collaged. Within the dominant patterns are images recalling a Japanese garden’s raked sand, stone basins, stepping stones—and also Indian temple walls. Some works resemble aerial views of temple garden complexes. The handsome interlocking of rectangular and circular patterns offers Western perspective’s solidity and Japanese art’s more atmospheric perspective. In other monotypes, biomorphic and abstract imagery prevail. Some feature forms conjuring the dynamic confluence of life-forms beneath the ocean’s surface… Mason expands the potential of her medium with verve, sharp aesthetic intelligence, and inventiveness. The work is suffused with brilliant color and the excitement of encountering a potently developed language and vision.

Mason’s monotypes are in numerous collections in the U.S. and abroad. All works are 100% archival and beautifully matted and neutrally framed in ash. The larger works are all 25” x 33” frame size. (Numbers 28-31 vary in size; see the individual texts.)

These works are available as individual, one-of-a-kind monotypes, or as expertly created giclée print editions, also 100% archival.

Note: to view these images properly, in all their rich deep colors, please set the "Brightness" of your screen to 50% or less, and adjust the "Contrast" to 80% or less. These adjustments will vary as to your computer screen.

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Photo by Maya Mason


Photo credits for the public sculptures Terra Lumen, Soin Infini, and Before the Sun Speaks: Mike Fager,

Photo credit for all website preparation: Rob Bonnano, Email: He is an excellent specialist in photo editing, artwork photography, and giclée printing.

Credit for Video 1, Before the Sun Speaks, Public Sculptures and Water Feature, Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Dave Rasdal, Cedar Rapids Gazette. Email:

Credit for Videos 2 and 3, Soin Infini and Terra Lumen, Public Sculptures for Utah’s Percent for Public Art Program, for Ogden Weber Applied Technical College’s new Health Technology Building, Ogden, Utah: Brian J. Smith, Email:

Credit for engineering of plumbing and mechanical components of my water features: Atlantic Fountains, Magnificent appreciation for Erich Altvater, President, Atlantic Fountains. Email:

Credit for design and construction of this website: Michael Mart and Daniel Battaglia at Safe Harbor Websites.

With deep gratitude to my husband, Thomas Fink, our two daughters Ariana and Maya Mason, Theodore Riedlinger, and Peter Versteeg.